ALFAPARF Evolution of the Color Permanent Hair Dye - Full Range - 95 Colours

ALFAPARF Evolution of the color Cube 3D Tech A cutting-edge formula enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and without PPD THIS ENSURES THE PERFECTION OF THE COLOR WITH A FULL REGARD OF THE SCALP AND THE HAIR. EXCEPTIONAL COVERAGE,LOW AMMONIA percentage (max. 1% during application), NO PPD, extraordinary QUALITY and SHINE! For professional use only Skin sensitivity test required prior to application, (follow instructions) 1 Black 1.11 Blue Back 2 Darkest Natural Brown 3 Dark Natural Brown 4 Medium Natural Brown 5 Light Natural Brown 6 Dark Natural Blonde 7 Medium Natural Blonde 8 Light Natural Blonde 9 Very Light Natural Blonde 10 Lightest Natural Blonde
4NB Medium Warm Natural Brown 4NI Medium Intense Natural Brown 4.32 Medium Golden Violet Brown 4.52 Medium Mahogany Violet Brown 4.65 Medium Red Mahogany Brown
4.66i Medium Intense Red Brown
5NB Light Warm Natural Brown 5NI Light Intense Natural Brown 5MB Metallic Bronze Light Brown 5MGB Metallic Grey Black Light Brown 5.04 Light Slightly Copper brown 5.1 Light Ash Brown 5.22 Light Intense Violet Brown 5.32 Light Golden Violet brown 5.3 Light Golden Brown 5.35 Light Golden Mahogany Brown 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown 5.53 Light Mahogany Golden Brown 5.6 Light Red Brown 5.62 Light red Violet Brown 5.65 Light Red Mahogany Brown 5.66i Light Intense Red Brown
6NB Dark Warm Natural Blonde 6NI Dark Intense Natural Blonde 6.01 Dark Pure Ash Blonde 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde 6.23 Dark Ash Copper Blonde 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde 6.32 Dark Golden Violet Blonde 6.35 Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde 6.45 Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde 6.5 Drak Mahogany Blonde 6.53 Dark Mahogany Golden Blonde 6.6 Dark Red Blonde 6.66i Dark Intense Red Blonde
7NB Medium Warm Natural Blonde 7NI Medium Intense Natural Blonde 7MB Metallic Bronze Medium Blonde 7MR Metallic Rose Medium Blonde 7MGB Metallic Grey Black Medium Blonde 7.01 Medium Pure Ash Blonde 7.1 Medium Ash Blonde 7.13 Medium Ash Golden Blonde 7.21 Medium Violet Ash Blonde 7.3 Medium Golden Blonde 7.31 Medium Golden Ash Blonde 7.32 Medium Golden Violet Blonde 7.34 Medium Gold Copper Blonde 7.35 Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde 7.4 Medium Copper Blonde 7.45 Medium Copper Mahogany Blonde 7.53 Medium Mahogany Golden Blonde 7.6 Medium Red Blonde 7.62 Medium Red 7.66i Medium Intense Red Blonde
8NB Light Warm Natural Blonde 8NI Light Intense Natural Blonde 8.01 Light Pure Ash Blonde 8.1 Light Ash Blonde 8.13 Light Ash Golden Blonde 8.21 Light Violet Ash Blonde 8.23 Light Violet Golden Blonde 8.3 Light Golden Blonde 8.31 Light Golden Ash Blonde 8.32 Light Golden Violet Blonde 8.4 Light Copper Blonde 8.43 Light Copper Gold Blonde 8.66i Light Intense Red Blonde
9NI Very Light Intense Natural Blonde 9NB Very Light Warm Natural Blonde 9MB Metallic Bronze Very Light Blonde 9MRC Metallic Rose Copper Very Light Blonde 9.04 Very Light Slightly Copper Blonde 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde 9.13 Very Light Ash Golden Blonde 9.2 Very Light Violet Blonde 9.21 Very Light Violet Ash Blonde 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde 9.31 Very Light Golden Ash Blonde
10NB Lightest Warm Natural Blonde 10.1 Lightest Ash Blonde 10.21 Lightest Violet Ash Blonde 10.3 Lightest Golden Blonde 10.31 Lightest Golden Ash Blonde
11.00 Platinum 11.02 Pure Violet Platinum 11.10 Ash Platinum 11.11 Intense Ash Platinum 11.13 Ash Golden Platinum 11.20 Violet Platinum 11.21 Violet Ash Platinum 11.32 Golden Violet Platinum
000SSS Lifting Reinforcer OSP Super High Lifting Reinforcer 410 Ash 2000 Violet RB Red
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